transcending space and time

Inside the Garden

A cold chill settled in Ashren’s chest. It lanced spears of pain through his body as he shimmered in a head-to-toe silver nimbus and became a glowing white glimmer, like a star he could touch.

The beginning embraced him, folded him into those peaceful currents of time before he’d broken the link between the celestial and crystalline Heavens. Back to the time before he was broken, when the first children spent their days basking in the warmth of the Creator, all white wings, golden harps, and innocence.

 But as the universe aged and time stretched on uneventfully,

He created Earth and focused His attention on creating new children. New children, who would know and love Him as did His first children. 

And then the wars began.


*excerpt from Dark Thirty trilogy

 -RD Carter





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