transcending space and time

Cast into the Fire

The first wars between Earth and Heaven were an amalgamation of one-upmanship. Raw sibling rivalry in its purest, most original form. He loves us more so we get to do this, which was followed by a more forceful, He loves us more so we get to do that. 

The first children were bored with the intemperance of Heaven, and man had become increasingly afraid of the great unknown after death. The jealousy spiraled out of control and the fervor of war culminated in much death and destruction.

After all was decimated and enough rage was spent, it was time for an end. He loved them both, and in order to settle what the children deemed a dispute, an uneasy truce was made between God’s first and second children.

To settle the conflict, He found a way to prove His love.

 They would share both domains.


But the Nephilim, the first ambassadors to Earth, had other plans. And their desires came with a steep price.

Their lust for things of the world severed their connection to their celestial home and rent the Heavens.

Those who found no happiness in Earthly possessions and abstained from corporal experiences, ascended to the upper, celestial, realms of Heaven, the true home for the spiritually enlightened. All others found solace in the lower realm, the crystals, as they possessed too many Earth bound cravings, fears or dreams to ever be satisfied with the purity of the celestial Heavens.

Those Phelim, the first-born children of God who held such contempt and disrespect for their positions in Heaven, gained eternal debt and hell to pay. For their covetousness, the Creator chained their existence to fleshy bodies designed to amplify the thirsts they’d cultivated for sex, war, destruction, pain, death and blood.

They would also bear a terrible burden, a curse to wander unseen among those they’d sought to emulate and guide them on their Earthly journeys. Not only would the Phelim babysit their younger siblings, they would also live in eternal torment, hungering for the very thing they were forbidden, the blood of their kin.

The Phelim walked side by side with the humans, unappreciated and unacknowledged, holding their hands and wiping their noses, while nursing a full-blown jones for the seductive lure of the human’s lifeblood. To indulge in pleasures of the flesh fortified the Phelim’s bond to the crystal Heavens and guaranteed them a lengthy stay in the lower realm.  

Only when the Creator deemed the Phelim’s chance for redemption was near, would He prepare a way for those wayward     angels to atone for their disregard and destruction of Heaven. After a Phelim successfully completed a cycle on Earth in a human body, they could, once again, ascend into their true home. But, until they rid their bodies of Earthly passions and pursuits, they lived as outcasts, in Heaven’s version of the ghetto, waiting for their chance at the “human experience.”

If they refused to comply with the terms of their curse, or grew tired of their existence, a punishment far worse than any Hell awaited them.







from the Dark Thirty trilogy

RD Carter







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